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Dipsy's Christmas Eve Adv

4.2 ( 8272 ratings )
게임 도서 액션 어드벤쳐
개발자: Mischievous Art Ltd
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Join Dipsy and Co in the brand new adventures of the Critter Clan.

You control Dipsy in a 3 level christmas adventure. With stylish jumps, super attacks, and wall jumps to gather coins and save Christmas from the Snowbots.

A whole new world awaits you, so join them today as they go in search of the Snowbots.


-A storybook style game to read and play
-Touch to explore
-A fun soundtrack
-Audio narration by a friendly voice
-Colorful illustrations
-A new World to explore, Run and jump with style to save Christmas from the Snowbots clutches!
-Travel through Mongolia Woods to help save Christmas..
-Play as Dipsy
-Show off Dipsys stylish moves to save Christmas.

Language: English

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